Contemporary Art Practices- A rough guide 
March 2021 | Himanshu Desai x M.Des 2019
NID Ahmedabad

Media & Society

Identity / Technology / Policy

A Virtual Exhibition

We bring to you a selection of artworks by design students, produced in response to a study of Contemporary Art and artists from the middle of the last century to the last decade. 

We looked at the issues prevalent in various discourses in the society we live in, and interpreted them through our lenses of identity, technology, and to an extent, policy. The result is here in the form of this collective art project-
a virtual exhibition hosted on instagram.

Feel free to interpret, analyse, or just stare at and enjoy the artworks, and leave comments on the Instagram posts. Look, we’ve made interaction with art accessible.

The Artists:

Aiswarya | Akshaya | Amogh | Angshuman | Anshul | Anukriti | Arshita | Chirag | Deenadayalan | Gauri | Harman | Jyoti | Karan | Khushbu | Mahindra | Manpreet | Mothilal | Nehmat | Reshma | Saloni | Senjuti | Sherina | Sushmita | Swathi | Vivek

M.Des 2019 Batch